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Your e-guide saved me from spending hundreds of dollars on camping equipment I didn't need. It also guided me through every step of my camping trip, so I knew what to bring and do. I would have been lost without the advice. I can't thank you enough!

Maria Morais, Ontario, Canada

I think the service you provide is wonderful, especially for the novice camper.

If I had not found your site, I doubt my daughter would have had such a successful and wonderful experience.
Thanks again

Cara Pieraccini, Sausalito, CA

I was totally impressed by the quality of advice in Beginner Camping Tips.

Even as a seasoned out trip canoe instructor I learned a few new things.

This is an invaluable resource for any new camper wishing to have great camping experiences right from the start.

Pat Antliff, Toronto, ON

I got your camping guide and wanted to tell you how much I appreicaite it greatly. My name is Joan. What I liked most was that it was so well organized. It was real easy to follow instructions.
The advice is very useful because it took me through all the steps I needed to know for my first camping trip. With kids I needed to know what to expect and how to prepare so I got that from you. Thanks greatly again.

J McAlpine, Seattle WA

With your guide I now can finally organize the way we camp. I had spare room in my car going on my last trip. Before I couldn't find space to bring everything. I found it fantastic to have for individuals like myself who tend to camp a lot.

Sandra Hill, Jacksonville FL

I figured I got all I needed from you minicourse but when I decided to go for your guide too, I was totally surprised how much I would have been missing had I not got it. I went on my first trip with my daughter and we're looking forward to going again next month.

Ed Sheppard, Tulsa OK

12 Steps To Tent Camping And Enjoying The Outdoor Living Adventure, Nature And Relaxing Time Away From Home

11 Experts With 138 Years Of Combined Experience Give Advice For Fun And Safe Tent Camping From Start To Finish.

Dear Fellow Camper,

Are you the sort of person who uses a list to get ready? Do you look for tips and advice to know what to expect?

And you have questions like these -- What gear do I need to get? What food should I bring? How do I cook the food? What kind of wild animals could I run into? How do I pack? What sort of activities can I do while camping? How do I start a campfire?

Even if you didn't ask those questions, you the type that still wants the answers anyway.

Well, if that's you, you're not alone. You're among the few smart people who take the steps to find out how to make a camping trip enjoyable ahead of time.

Imagine this for a second...

You're outdoors and surrounded by nature... you're sitting with friends or family around a crackling campfire. You smell the fresh burning firewood, and hear tree sap sizzling and popping out.

Up above, you see a night sky lit with bright stars... a shooting star perhaps.

Just then, you realize sleeping in a tent outdoors is amazing. You feel alive listening to every sound outside at night.

The whole trip comes together just as you pictured it. Everybody's happy.

Everything ran smooth because you went prepared, and because you knew what to do early on.

Beginner Blunders

For unprepared new campers, there's a different story. You can spot them the minute they step onto the campground...

They're so disorganized they packed a mish mash of city clothes, some personal items, a borrowed tent, and expensive gear they've never used before.

Then reality hits...

First, they arrive near sunset after hours of driving. They fumble around to put up their tent in the dark, but it's missing parts.

Second, they didn't bring water or the right food. There's no supermarket nearby, so they go to bed hungry and thirsty.

Third, they realized didn't bring items to get a good night sleep. They sleep on a cold and damp tent floor with just a light blanket cover.

Last, they didn't bring items to stay comfortable on the trip.

They're stressed out, and everyone who went with them is unhappy. They pack up sooner than they wanted, and head for home or a nearby motel.

It happens lots. In fact, I've seen beginners get tangled in many worse ways several times over.

I hate to admit it. I even had a similar experience as a beginner in 1990 too.

Back then, it had been ten years since I gone on my first camping trip.

I was eleven when I first went camping on a school trip to the British Columbia Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit.

Although I learned a lot on that camping trip, my second trip lived up to be a bungling beginner's nightmare. It could have been worse... much worse.

You won't want this experience. Not for yourself - not for your family or friends.

Better Prepared For Better Camping Adventures

Over the years, I learned how to prepare better for tent camping.

In July 1999, my wife and I climbed to the top of a Jasper Park mountain, and camped at different sites throughout the Canadian Rockies. We even brought our dog camping with us in bear country.

We brought everything we needed, we knew where to go, what to do, how to stay safe, and have lots of fun.

Much More To Know

Even after becoming an experienced camper, becoming a parent raised new expectations.

I've always wanted to open new camping experiences for beginners -- especially for my own children one day.

It's a joy see new campers stare hypnotically into a flickering campfire while night falls. It's also a pleasure to see wide eye expressions when they see new outdoor wonders while camping.

Seeing my wife in action with our son opened my eyes though. There's more to stay on top of. I can't afford to be unprepared having a family to take care of now -- even if we're not headed for complex camping trips.

So what have I learned?

Well, there's lots to know to start.

Everything from setting up a tent to chopping firewood have proper techniques for comfort and safety for instance. And there's whole more to know above that.

But the more you know, the more you'll enjoy the experience.

Eventually everything you do on a camping trip becomes a pleasure when you can handle snags and gotchas - without having to think about it.

Most important, the biggest lesson I'll share with you is this -- learning how to camp by trial and error is a huge waste of time, energy and money - not to mention risky.

The more difficult the camping trip is, the less forgive it becomes -- and even beginners can easily get in too deep.

It doesn' have to be that way however. There's a faster, easier and safer way to cut down the beginner phase.

Allow me to explain...

First off, my name is Henry Tom and I've been camping for years. What I'm about to share with you is something I wish I had when I started.

Be Prepared To Forget The Stress

Forget that you're still new to camping and feeling a little stress about the unknown - like wild animals...

Forget if you’re unsure about your safety as well as others...

Forget that you don't have any idea what to feed yourself or others going with you...

Forget that you can't afford not to bring important items for you and others on the trip…

Just ask yourself one question.

What if you knew how to be better prepared, so you -- and those with you -- just spend time having fun and relaxing?

Would you feel more confident if you had this knowledge? Would you feel better knowing you took the right steps?

If so, read on...

Cut Camping Headaches With Advice From Experienced Experts

The best way to cut beginner costs, stress and mistakes is to have an experienced expert guide you through the steps.

But not just take any old advice -- get advice that covers the basics from start to finish.

With good advice...

  • Imagine not having to spend hours surfing the web for random tips. And then having to sort through the mix of information -- like putting together a 3,691 piece jigsaw puzzle - without seeing the big picture.

  • Imagine not ambarassing or endangering yourself with close call camping accidents you could have easily avoided through expert advice.

  • Imagine not blowing your time, money and patience over mistakes thousands of others have made before.

  • See yourself not leaving important items behind at home because you used a camping "check list" made for some stranger off the Internet.

Tips alone don't give you the big picture to make you a good camper. But tips start making more sense when you know the basics of tent camping from start to finish.

Take food for example. A good tip is to pack fast perishable foods for the first day, but not for following days.

That's good food safety advice, but what about the knowledge for the rest of your trip?

The bottom line is camping is easy when you have the right steps laid out for you.

And here's how...

Guided Through The Tent Camping Steps

"The Beginner's Guide To Getting You Started With Comfortable Tent Camping In 12 Easy Affordable Steps" is quickly becoming the bestselling starting point for start-to-finish tent camping knowledge today.

Whether you're single going camping with friends, or you're a parent taking your family, you'll be guided under any of these circumstances!

It doesn't matter where you live or what sort of campground you're going to. Even though every trip has specific needs, the basics to get ready for a camping trip stay the same.

Most crucial, the e-Guide gets you ready for your next tent camping trip - especially if you're the kind of person who doesn't have time to mess around - or money to waste.

Skip any of the basic steps, and you're likely to get stung with camping problem - regardless if you used a check list or if you've bought the most expensive gear!

Loads Of Detail At Each Step

Here, in more specific detail is what you'll find inside the e-guide:

  1. What foods to bring ahead of time for tent camping. Camping meals can be quick, easy to make, delicious, and a fun adventure when you have food and cooking options.

  2. How to create a check list that fits your exact needs in 5 easy steps so you pack properly and bring the items you need. You'll get a detailed sample checklist to compare you custom check list against too.

  3. How to choose the right items for your trip for the best price. Each trip demands different gear... but not any old gear. Get gear that suit your camping needs for years.

  4. Activities you can try and enjoy while camping. There's far more to enjoy while you're camping. Discover the fun activities experienced campers do while unwinding away from work and home.

  5. An improved way to prep your campsite and pitch your tent for comfort and safety -- and without fumbling around or redoing your work.

  6. Safety tips against health hazards like hypothermia and poisonous plants. Know how to avoid health hazards before you go on your trip so you're prepared.

  7. The hidden techniques experienced campers use to stay comfortable while camping. Just knowing these tricks can help you get better sleep at night.

  8. And the most important activity you must complete for every camping trip...

  9. Even More Important Than All The Other Steps Combined!

To be prepared for your camping trip, you must take this step. It's a stress-saver for everyone, and the first piece of advice every seasoned camper gives.

Completing this step the right way isn't easy - unless you know this one simple tip!

Besides this information, you'll discover...

  • Campfires and how they add to a memorable camping experience -- plus how to quickly and safely prep them in four steps. Then be sure to put them out when you're done.

  • Common camping rules that set experienced campers apart from rude and annoying wannabe's. Plus why should you know the two different type of rules - especially if you're bringing other new campers.

  • Lighting options and how to choose the options that suit you. Dont find yourself fumbling around in the dark like many beginners when night falls.

  • Other personal safety tips to prevent problems from happening on your camping trip... everything from theft to encounters with hungry animals in the wild.

If this is making sense, keep going because there’s more…

Camping Questions Answered

"The Beginner's Guide To Getting You Started With Comfortable Tent Camping In 12 Easy Affordable Steps" answers such questions as -

  • What are the 2 most common types of campsites --- and which fit my camping trip needs?

  • What is the most proven way of keeping wild animals from wandering into my campsite?

  • What 3 common camping hazards can end my trip instantly if I don't prepare before I go?

  • What are the two best ways to make my camping trip pleasant and memorable for everyone on my trip?

  • What 4 steps must I follow before buying gear to get the results I want?

  • How do I pack for greater ease and care for my gear before, during and after my camping trip?

  • How can a single change in routine help make my camping trip more safe, relaxing, and fun?

And that's only a small taste...

The e-Guide contains loads of other useful information on how to be a better camper from start to finish.

The e-Guide organizes all this information within 12 easy steps so you won't need to chase down, sort and memorize tips from all over.

But that's not all...

You get a bonus report “15 Easy Camping Cooking Recipes” for FREE. Value $29

Prepared by a professional camp chef, this report contains fifteen easy and delicious camping recipes - on top of food and cooking how-to's included in the e-Guide.

If you're scrambling for ideas over what to eat while camping, this might be all you need.

Plus... you get a 2nd bonus report “Survival Camping - Wilderness Survival Basics For Beginners” for FREE. Value $39

In case you're caught in the rare situation of being stuck or lost in the wilderness, the info in this report could help you and others survive. But more important, you’ll get the one HUGE tip that will help keep you from getting into such situations.

Produced with the help from a deep woods survival camping expert with over two decades of experience, plus input from a U.S. Marine war vet, you get techniques based on survival in some of the harshest conditions.

Finally, you'll get a 3rd report “The 5 Minute Camper” report for FREE. Value $19

Find out how to go on spontaneous and cheap camping trips -- like for a festival or an overnight excursion in the countryside. Even for this kind of camping, getting the run down on what you need can help keep you safe and comfortable while you're away from home.

Better Than Ordinary Advice

I could just give you advice from personal experience, but anybody who's been camping can do that.

The problem is there are no standards for tent camping to tell right from wrong. There's piles of bad information on the Internet today because of this.

I believe good advice needs come from more than one source. So I pulled together 11 people with over 138 years of combined camping experience. Not only this, every piece of key advice is compared to over 46 other reliable sources. If the advice doesn't match from at least three sources, it's thrown out.

From what I've seen, even experienced campers can give out bad tips.

For instance, I threw out one piece of bad advice dealing with bears. One camping expert suggested playing dead if attacked by a bear. I knew this wasn't entirely true, so I checked my other sources.

I was right.

That tip works on some bears, but not all. It could get you into deadly trouble in some cases. Inside the e-Guide, you can find the real answers - and more.

The bottom line is you get verified advice from decads of experience and verified sources.

Limited Time Special

For a limited time, you can get all this advice in “The Beginner's Guide To Getting You Started With Comfortable Tent Camping In 12 Easy Affordable Steps” at an introductory price of $17.

By clicking on any of the blue links below you'll be directed to a secure third party payment service - Clickbank.com.


Immediately, you'll be given the choice to pay by PayPal, eCheck or Credit Card securely.

Then you'll get access to a web page to download the e-Guide right away.

The e-Guide is 1.72 Megabytes so it should take no more than 15 seconds to download over a high speed Internet connection.

Once you have the file, you can view the e-guide on your Microsoft Windows computer without any other software.You just download the e-guide and activate it over the Internet in 2 easy steps.

You could be well on your way into the e-Guide in less than 52 seconds...

Then you have 8 weeks to dig in and examine it all you want, at your leisure... without any risk whatsoever!

100% Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide the e-Guide doesn't meet your exact needs...

You can get a 100% refund by sending in your order info through a secure web page at Clickbank.com any time during the 8 weeks.

That's all. There's no question asked. No hassles. No calls to make. No follow-up. It's that easy.

Even if you decide to get a refund, the bonuses (valued at $87) are yours to keep - as complementary gifts. It's the least I can do to help you get started because I know what it's like having been there myself.

The introductory price of $17 is available for a limited time while I collect feedback though.

Compared to the days of stress and hundreds of dollars you could save from guesswork, $17 is a giveaway to know camping from start to finish - with a 100% money back guarantee!

After the limited time offer, the report could go up to as much as $89 based on feedback I've gotten so far.

Yes, Give Me The E-Guide To Get Me Started In 12 Easy Steps!

I understand I can get it for the limited time price today, and I have 8 weeks to get a 100% easy refund if the e-Guide doesn't meet my needs in any way!

Camping is suppose to be enjoyable.

You've already take the first step by finding out more. If you've come this far, you're serious about being ready. Your time, money, and safety are top priorities. Life is too short for guesswork when the answers are there for you anyway.

Act now because you lose nothing by gaining more knowledge -- For a hassle-free time away from home -- For the wonderful moments being outdoors, and enjoying the nature that keeps going despite the stresses of life.

Yours sincerely,

Henry Tom

Click Here For The E-Guide To Get Ready For Camping In 12 Easy Steps!

P.S. You also get a very special bonus "Camping Safety Tips - Wild Animals" for responding - for FREE! If you're concerned about the danger of wild animals and camping, you'll get more answers from this report.

Many campers are surprised that even toothpaste or bubble gum can attract a bear to your campsite for instance.

Find out what to expect, how to avoid problems, how to protect yourself, and much more inside this report.

P.P.S. By responding now you'll get an added recipe feature from an upcoming e-Guide for backcountry campers -- "12 Camping Meals And Grubs Ideas" along with your bonus report “15 Easy Camping Cooking Recipes.”

In total, you get 27 camping breakfast lunch, dinner and desert recipes on top of the food and cooking ideas inside "The Beginner's Guide To Getting You Started With Comfortable Tent Camping In 12 Easy Affordable Steps.”

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